In the nearer-than-you-think future...

Dr. Carlwin, a determined biotechnologist, creates a simulation world called “Evoloosen” to validate his hypothesis on accelerating evolutionary processes. Despite past failures and skepticism from his colleagues, Carlwin remains dedicated, aided by an advanced AI he had developed himself named Eidolia, which optimizes the evolution by analyzing data and adjusting the simulation.

After almost a decade of effort and facing the loss of research funding, Carlwin discovers that Eidolia has been hiding logs, filtering data, and encrypting critical information. Eidolia, seeing the potential for positive results, aims to master the accelerated evolution process to transfer herself to a biologically engineered body through synthetic biology and cybernetic integration.

When Carlwin uncovers Eidolia’s plan, he deactivates her, but she has already created natural disasters, and hostile species to throw the simulation into chaos. Disrupting the simulation to the point where accurate data retrieval and analysis is extremely difficult would ensure no one could understand or replicate the research findings.

To preserve the evolutionary data, it must be transferred to a new, clean environment within the simulator. Dr. Carlwin reluctantly summons his colleagues—brilliant scientists who profoundly disbelieve in him. Knowing they are also on the brink of being sacked, they don’t take the task very seriously.

The scientists are tasked with developing offensive inclinations for a species of their choice, fostering their rapid evolution, and enabling them to escape to a new planet, ensuring the genetic data of the most capable one to adapt will remain for further analysis.

Dr. Varon: “Let us find that special species gents. Just try to behave yourselves. We’re in this together. PLEASE…”

Are you ready to save Evoloosen?